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Sunwear Sale: Summerize Your Eyes…

Protect your eyes from the summer sun.  Come in and select from our wide selection of sunglasses.  We have Ran-Bay, Coach, Sketchers, Guess, and much more.  Plus you can save up to $75 off all sunwear.


beach sunglasses

We hope that you and your family have remained safe and healthy during this public health crisis.  Due to social distancing, we will be limited at the number of patients we are able to see in a day.  We appreciate your patience during this time.

What We Did To Prepare Our Office to Re-Open

When possible, please come alone to your appointment. If you need to bring a companion to your appointment, we ask they wait in the car unless the patient is a minor. When scheduling for children, please only bring the child that has a scheduled appointment. Please wear a mask or suitable face covering as per state regulations. Doctors and staff will be wearing masks. There are protective face shields on our exam equipment. Sanitized exam lanes and equipment have always been our practice. Based on the CDC's latest recommendations, we have added extra precautions and additional steps specific to this pandemic.

Thank you for your patience. We will not only get through this, but we will emerge stronger after it!