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Our mission at Dr Jurgensen & Associates is to provide the highest quality of eye care to all our patient. Unfortunately, certain insurances and vision plan companies have been tying our hands by placing limitations on us that we feel compromise the level of care we are able to provide.

This has forced us to make a difficult decision to become an out of network provider for EyeMed as of January 1, 2022.

The good news:

  • Many of our patients will be unaffected by this change, including those patients with eye examination benefits through their medical insurance, which is separate from EyeMed
  • Most medical insurance plans cover eye care visits when you have common eye conditions, such as floaters, itchy/dry/red eyes, diabetes, monitoring for glaucoma, cataracts, eyelid lumps and bumps, etc.
  • We will continue to accept: Flex Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Medicare, VSP, and most PPO medical insurance providers.

      The great news:

      To our patients with EyeMed, we are pleased to offer:

      • Discount on glasses and frames
      • We will also help you fill out EyeMed’s out-of-network form for you to submit on your own.

      Per the Center for Disease Control, face coverings will still be required in healthcare settings. Please be sure to wear a face covering or mask while in our office even if you are vaccinated.

      We will continue to follow the Center for Disease Control because safety of our staff and patients is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding.