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Vision Therapy Testimonials

My daughter was struggling at school last year, and we could not figure out why. She had seen an ophthalmologist who said her eyes were fine. Fast forward to the summer when we came in to get her eyes checked out and Dr Jurgensen saw some issues at our check up and couldn’t be more thankful she pointed them out. We started vision therapy and my daughter responded so well and has come so far. She reads so well, her comprehension of what is she is reading is beyond amazing and is excelling in all subjects. Above all, her confidence level is up and so are her spirits. She is happy again and loving school again. So happy we came for a random eye check and so thankful for Dr Jurgensen and her honesty and precision. Would recommend Dr Jurgensen & Associates.

– A Thankful Mom

After vision therapy it is easier to read because I don’t lose my place. I also play soccer and now it’s easier to keep track of the ball. I’m glad I don’t use my finger to keep my place when I read.

– L.C.